How It Works

The Neway Battery Regenerator is compatible with most 12volt batteries. It first begins its diagnostic testing as soon as the battery is hooked. Through this process the Regenerator is able to determine if the battery is capable of being regenerated. Once the initial diagnostics are complete the Regenerator goes to work. Through a patented process, the Regenerator is able to remove sulfate build up from the lead battery plates. Sulfate build is the main cause for battery failure. It is able to remove the sulfate by first discharging the battery down to 10.5 volts, it then begins to bring the volts back up to its original specifications. This process is repeated many times within a 12 to 24 hour period until the Regenerator signals that the process is completed. 

The regeneration processes can be performed on a yearly basis to insure a longer lasting life for each of your 12volt batteries. Because the Regenerator is small and portable, it makes almost every job easier.